Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a simple way to rejuvenate the look of your driveways and walkways. Ground in dirt and grim can be difficult remove on your own.

Moss and algae can build up over time making it slippery to walk on at times. A quick pressure washing service can reduce the chance of slipping.

Treating an old fence or deck after pressure washing can be another way to improve the life of a structure.


Cedar Shake Siding

Preparing weathered wooden shingle siding for paint is a delicate process. This is one place where pressure washing isn't usually recommended. Instead this requires hand scrapping old paint to ensure the shakes stay intacted.

There may be instances where minor repairs will need to be made before painting can begin. If loose boards, moisture or dry rot are present, some boards may need to be replaced entirely.

To ensure your siding reaches its full life, it needs proper treatment. This usually includes caulking corners and seams. Most importantly a quality primer is necessary to get good coat. It may require more than one primer coat before painting begins.